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Electrify your senses with a fusion of tart and cosmic sweetness. Refresh, energize, orbit reality.

  • 10mg of THC
  • 100mg of Caffeine (= 1 Cup of Coffee)
  • Lightly Carbonated and Flavorful
  • Sweetened with Cane Sugar 
  • 12.5 Minute Launch Time
  • 40 Calories per Can
  • Non-Alcoholic

Additional Flavors

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10mg THC Energy Drink
100mg Caffeine Energy Drink
12min Launch Time THC Energy Drink

12.5 MIN




Good tasting drink and I loved the effects from it. Didn’t get me too worked up… but enough to be productive while staying relaxed. Perfect mg amount for early in the day.

zippy & fresh

The effects last and the can has more then one serving so the party can continue, the feeling of a heady uplifted and relax feeling, not tired but enjoyable. Loved the flavor profile and the dosage took effect quickly.

smooth & stable

On one particular night I had the opportunity to consume the entire container in one sitting and enjoy the effects. It was a great experience. Been replacing the typical beer at night ever since!

Most asked

COUNTDOWN is a hemp-derived cannabis beverage crafted to deliver a refreshing and bold experience. Each can of COUNTDOWN, available through our website and select liquor stores across the US, contains a unique blend of caffeine and THC for an invigorating effect. Engineered to offer a smooth, social, and uplifting experience, COUNTDOWN is perfect for gaming or a big night out.

You can expect to feel euphoric and energizing sensations from drinking COUNTDOWN. But keep in mind that how you feel will depend on how well you handle cannabis. The effects usually kick in after 12.5 minutes and can last up to 90 minutes. 

Keep in mind that these beverages have 100mg of caffeine per can, which contributes to the uplifting effects. It’s best to begin with one can of COUNTDOWN and see how it goes from there.

COUNTDOWN aims to offer an unparalleled experience with its unique blend of THC and caffeine, meticulously engineered to provide a smooth and invigorating sensation. What sets COUNTDOWN apart is not just its combination of ingredients, but also our meticulous attention to detail in designing each beverage in-house.

Our team of experts ensures that every can of COUNTDOWN delivers exceptional taste and quality and consistent effect, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a premium energy drink infused with cannabis. With its refreshing flavors and energizing effects, COUNTDOWN is designed to elevate your experiences.

COUNTDOWN is available for shipping to AZ, CA, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NC, NE, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SD, TN, TX, WA, DC, WV, and WY.


In a can of Countdown, you’ll find 100mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to the amount typically found in a standard cup of coffee.

The combination of caffeine and THC in Countdown creates a unique and dynamic experience.

Caffeine, known for its stimulating effects, can increase alertness, energy levels, and focus. On the other hand, THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, produces feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and altered perception. When combined, caffeine and THC can enhance each other’s effects in various ways. 

For some individuals, the stimulating properties of caffeine may offset the sedative effects of THC, resulting in a more balanced experience. Additionally, caffeine’s ability to increase alertness can complement the mood-enhancing effects of THC, leading to a heightened sense of well-being and euphoria. 

Overall, the combination of caffeine and THC in Countdown offers consumers a unique and invigorating experience that blends the energizing effects of caffeine with the euphoric and relaxing effects of THC.

When comparing cannabis edibles to Countdown cannabis drinks, the key difference lies in the timing of effects. Typically, edibles take 60 minutes to kick in, as the THC undergoes digestion in the stomach and metabolization in the liver. This process introduces variability, leading to unpredictable onset and intensity of effects with ingested cannabinoids.

On the other hand, COUNTDOWN THC drinks offer a faster onset due to the water soluble THC being absorbed more quickly in the mouth and bloodstream as you sip. Depending on the beverage, effects can be felt within 10 to 15 minutes, providing a more immediate and controlled experience.

With COUNTDOWN, the THC buzz is more manageable and transparent, allowing you to tailor your experience with each sip. Say goodbye to unpredictable highs and hello to a smoother, more predictable cannabis experience with COUNTDOWN THC drinks.

The best time to consume COUNTDOWN is during moments of leisure.

Whether you’re immersing in video games, heading to the club or enjoying entertainment like a new action movie COUNTDOWN complements these activities by elevating the overall experience. With its refreshing taste, bold flavors, and unique blend of THC and caffeine, Countdown is designed to propel consumers into a new stratosphere, making moments more vibrant.

COUNTDOWN sold online and in liquor stores is made with hemp-derived THC and contains caffeine, offering a unique blend of effects designed to elevate your experiences.

On the other hand, the COUNTDOWN available in dispensaries is made with marijuana-derived THC and does not contain caffeine.

Additionally, the dispensary version is available in higher doses of 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg THC, catering to individuals seeking a more potent experience.

No! It is shelf-stable for over one year.

COUNTDOWN is proudly made in-house by Wherehouse Beverage Co. We work with our sister company Best Bev in Waverly, New York, and have full oversight of quality assurance and consistency.

We take great care in ensuring that every aspect of our product is meticulously designed to deliver the exceptional taste and quality that our customers love.

Yes, COUNTDOWN is gluten-free.

the journey Orbit reality.

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save $15 + free shipping


Each Launch Pack includes one four-pack of each of our signature, award-winning flavors, for a total of 12 cans:

  • Cosmic Lemonade Energy
  • Berry Force Energy
  • Orange Blast Energy

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